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Social distancing

A message of “some” public interest. At this present time, keeping a safe distance between you and other people is a matter of public health.

We are no different

Upon request, we have decided to go a little bit further than the recommended six feet and to distance ourselves from the Scottish explorer. It has been a nice ride but there seems to be quite a gathering around the Stones. So safety first.

A side project gone wild

It all started as a side project. Back in the day, while boosting the growth of A-brands, we wanted to help SMEs to benefit from digital opportunities. Changing the world, one company at a time.

Upper level

A guarantee of quality. A commitment to master all levels of the customer journey and the conversion funnel. A step higher too, we still aim to provide small talk with big impact rooted in scientific literature, analytic data, aesthetic digital journeys and memorable shopping experiences

Even more data & passion

Previous months have seen us taking our motto to a whole new dimension. First, new certifications from Google, HubSpot, Facebook and the MIT on topics like analytics, marketing automation and artificial intelligence. Second, the application of what we have learned… With a data platform providing insights and facts across 600 industries, 20 000 stores (digital and physical) in 50+ countries, we are quite confident in being able to bring something on the table. Let’s talk.

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