Search Engine Optimisation

The first page gets more than 90% of the clicks.

And this is exactly where you want to be… In front of people looking for what you offer. Let’s start with the basics, search engines have 3 main obsessions : first, crawling the web and all the URLs they find; second, indexing and storing this content to understand what it is all about; and third, ranking these pages to make sure to provide the most accurate answer to a user’s query. Remember, the best answer to a user’s question.


We design content for humans

Some search engine optimization aspects might look a bit technical from an external perspective but when you dig a little bit deeper, most of them are logical steps when you want to provide the most relevant answer to a question. There is no magic. Ask yourself these questions: are people looking for what I am offering? Am I considered as a trusted source? How easy and enjoyable is it to hear from me? Now translate these questions to your website. 


Have you ever heard of Bing, Ecosia or Youtube?

OK, YouTube is also part of Google, but do you know that it is considered as the second most popular search engine? Ecosia is a tree-friendly search engine and Bing is Microsoft’s answer to Google. Type any keyword and check the results. They all have their particularities and algorithm. So there is no solution that fits the requirements of all search engines except maybe creating a meaningful content for people.



We love new challenges
Whether you want to discuss your current SEO strategy or you are actively looking for a performance marketing agency able to go the extra mile to improve your organic search results, we would love to hear from you.
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