Digital Analytics & Performance Dashboards


Understand your customers.


Start collecting first-party data by using a digital analytics technology. Learn about people visiting your website and their behaviour like the content they read, the pages where they convert or their last touchpoint. Setting up a digital analytics solution like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or HubSpot Analytics will help you get a deeper understanding of your visitors, what they are looking for and how you can optimise your website for better performance. 


“Follow users from their very first point of contact with you to their behaviour on your site and the actual transaction”


Your new daily routine.


Getting access to so much information can be addictive. You could spend hours every day going from one analysis to another. And even if we recommend you to have a closer look at this data, you might want to have access to a synthesis. This is exactly what dashboards are built for. You save some time by gathering the key performance indicators on one performance dashboard


Data can tell great stories.


When you start using visualisation tools like Google Data Studio or even tailor-made dashboards in Excel or Google sheets, you can connect different data sources together in one place. It transforms your raw data into story-telling graphics which will help you to easily spot opportunities and challenges.







We love new challenges
Whether you want to discuss your current digital analytics or you are actively looking for a performance marketing agency able to go the extra mile to improve your data understanding, we would love to hear from you.
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