Much more than single services.

We design digital acquisition strategies that integrate various instruments of the marketing mix. Based on your business or communication objective, we collect and analyse data about your customer and prospect journeys. We gather insights from qualitative sources and provide actionable strategic recommendations.

Performance strategy

Our performance approach combines several touch points to reflect actual user experience. Nobody limits his journey to a single query on search engines, nor limits his exposure to social media and the rise of ad blocker usage will drastically impacts the reach of your online bannering campaign. In a nutshell, each medium has its added value and should be given a relevant place in your attribution model.

Objectives and KPI’s

Digital strategies just like classical marketing rely on a clear campaign objective and its associated “Key Performance Indicators”. Usually derived from the hierarchy-of-effects models, they are often referred to as the different steps of the conversion funnel divided in three categories (cognitive-affective-conative):

  • Category awareness
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand knowledge
  • Brand consideration
  • Brand preference
  • Brand trial or purchase
  • Brand Loyalty

Depending on this assessment, the communication mix should vary and your creative should be adapted accordingly.

Campaign management

We believe in operational excellence. In an ever-fragmented mar-tech market, the campaign setup, optimisation and reporting can make the difference. Mastering all the tools and APIs can be tricky for an internal team or a single freelancer. At Upper Side, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art recommendations and we know that only continuous learning and questioning can allow us to maintain our exigence level.