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This story begins with the right segmentation.

When talking about email marketing strategy, sending the right message to the right person at the right time seems to be a no brainer set of objectives when planning a successful campaign. But what you have to keep in mind is the substantive work allowing you to enhance your results. Having a clear and organised database, collecting the right information and understanding explicit – intentionally shared by your prospect – and implicit – gathered from its behaviour – data are the three pillars leading to a successful email marketing strategy.
CRM - emailing experts
CRM - emailing experts
CRM - emailing experts

“49% of consumers said that they would receive emails from their favourite brands on a weekly basis”

Hello you. Only you.

The power of personalization.

Personalised emails do better. Their click through rate is improved by an average of 14%. They’re also leading to more conversions. Not only the “to” field of an email can be personalised. Think about the object, the preview text or the catch phrase. After sending the right message to the right segment of your database, be able to address somebody by his/her first name is another step towards email marketing success.
Content and design.

Testing from the A to the B.

Stunning content and great design are equally important partners in delivering interstellar emails to your contacts. A well-designed email drives the content forward and guides the person who receive it to the desired action. But you can’t only rely on your basic instinct when building an email marketing campaign. A/B testing helps you to create valuable conversation by sending slightly different versions of your emails to different sample segments of your database. Subject lines, text preview, call to action, colours, design: all can be tested and compared. Objective: optimising your open and click through rates by using the most efficient elements when comes the time of a mass diffusion.

“68% of Millenials say promotional emails have influenced their purchase decision”


Let’s automate your campaign.

Most consumers are overwhelmed with commercial information on a daily basis. So, you can easily understand that they prefer to receive messages matching their interests with their stage in the customer journey. Email retargeting is not about firing  on customers willy-nilly. But rather create marketing automation flows that trigger attention and allow you to send the right message when your lead is in need of concrete information. Thanks to buyers’ personas, cookies and data, that’s what we do for you.
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