Online bannering

From impressions to dynamic retargeting.

Online banners were once all about generating impressions to leverage brand awareness. If in some cases we can question the quality of these impressions and oppose the rise of ad-blockers, a real display strategy can actually be a performance driver. That is maybe one of the reasons why display ads still represent 20% of digital marketing spend.
Display Advertising / Banner creation and optimisation by Upper Side
Display Advertising / Banner creation and optimisation by Upper Side
Display Advertising / Banner creation and optimisation by Upper Side

“You are 475.28 times more likely to survive a plane crash than you are to click on a banner ad.”

Programmatic buying

Better targeted and more attractive ads.

Programmatic advertising is continually expanding and becoming increasingly advanced. It is the new normal when it comes to display advertising With the rise of data management, we expect several developments in the creation process. By combining location data, behavioural data, preference data with demographic data and many more… The chances of seeing the same ads as your neighbour are more and more limited each day.

Have you ever clicked your mouse right here?

This was the message displayed in the very first banner ads on the web. Its click-through rate could make you a bit nervous… 40%, yes forty. To give you an idea, the average CTR is now around 0.1% on banner ads, if the ad is seen. And that’s a big if. Did you know that the average global adblocking rate is estimated at 27 %. 

LEAN only banner ads

Creative twist

Smart creatives & research

Did you know that there is a negative correlation between the CTR and the number of faces detected in a banner ad? Data can definitely help to optimise display advertising…  And we love building creatives with data and passion together. 
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